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  • Tree tells grossed out tree that the blaze on it’s rear end is a trail marker, not a rash.
  • Woman catches cat taking bribe money to scratch sofas from furniture delivery man.
  • Repair man tells homeowner if she didn’t want stormy weather in house she should get an anti-storm door.
  • Cellphones at party laugh at phone with plugged in battery charger cord stuck to butt.
  • Cloud with rain forecast on smartphone app asks person to hurry up in the restroom.
  • Flowers in movie theater scared by film of bird at feeder eating birdseed children.
  • Dog wants more presents from Santa to destroy after ripping up gift wrap making a large mess.
  • Woman checks smartphone app to see how much man spent on her Christmas gifts.
  • Cat walks by woman leaving Christmas gift of shedded fur on her pant legs.
  • Man decorating tree tells family not to move until Christmas because he got all the lights to work.
  • Stocking filled with Christmas gifts says to another that it always puts on weight during the holidays too.
  • Stocking hung by fire says gesundheit to one that has sneezed Christmas gifts all over room.