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  • Woman tells man angry swear word symbol wind blowing in window is cross-breeze.
  • Relaxed hyena under tree says it feels balanced by weeping willow.
  • Ride share driver grosses out passenger with embarrassing intestinal blockage conversation.
  • Coworkers talking in cat and dog have trouble readjusting return to office after Covid lockdowns.
  • Defense Attorney perching with crow flock in tree successful reducing murder to manslaughter trial.
  • Man shopping online on computer sees unrelated chiropractic product suggestion marketing.
  • Telecommuting worker can’t find work space with cats and dog sleeping on sofa and chairs.
  • Consumers arrested for wearing ball cap to hockey game, using pot holder for pan, putting grapes in sandwich bag & duct tape on not a duct product crimes.
  • Annoyed cup measures drinking glass spouse’s lazy chores, eating more & hogging bed.
  • Scared oranges cinema audience watch OJ juicer murderer horror flick.
  • Cat scratches and ruins everything in living room except new scratching post.