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  • Honeybee on smartphone sees flowers online dating profile looking for a third sex partner.
  • Banksy art peeing dog paints piss tree & fire hydrant stencil painting on wall.
  • Spider with luggage returns from trip to spiderweb covered in trapped bugs & thinks always so much to do after vacations.
  • Turtle parent tells kid in glowing turtleshell to shut off smartphone for bed time.
  • Allergies doctor diagnosing sick bee covered in pollen asks if considered another line of work.
  • Angry bird mom in tree asks dad who broke fallen eggs what he means he’s been spring cleaning nest?
  • Exhausted man watching television at night thinks T.V. To Fall Asleep To show looks perfect.
  • Finicky kitties scratch furniture, curtains, rugs, screens & clothes but ignore pets’ scratching posts.
  • Frosty the snowman rushes to porta potty restroom before snow emergency poop & pee accident.
  • Lady allows adopted small puppy to sleep on bed but it grew bigger squishing crowded owner.
  • Autocorrected texts change desserts chocolate cake to cape clothing, criminal crème brulée robber, snoring s’more & itchy rash ice cream.
  • Cat on couch watching T.V. says already saw spot on the wall but will watch it again.