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  • Daisy introduces invasive weedy vine date to flower parents.
  • Weed army plots lawn invasion with backyard battlefield model.
  • Cops interrogating house suspect show building footprint blueprint evidence found at crime scene.
  • Cat fools startled dog with impression of car tires pulling into driveway sound.
  • Hairs on head browse ear, nose and back retirement community website on laptop.
  • Dog poops on woman reincarnated as grass as punishment for not picking up dog poo.
  • Dandelion OB-GYN doctor with fan tells pregnant dandelion seed puff mother they’re going to induce labor.
  • Dissolving lemon drops in Ted's pocket turn water yellow, making it look like he peed in the pool.
  • A dog scratches a record like a DJ would.
  • Dog checks cellphone Global Positioning System directions to zoom in circles around yard.
  • Beaver eats parody Post brand post wooden log cereal for breakfast.
  • Dishonest mechanic outside auto body repair garage pays grocery cart bribe to damage cars in parking lot.