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  • Slob in filthy trash covered work cubicle organizes neat folder icons on computer desk-top.
  • Older fairytale Hansel and Gretel kids run to sneaky witch’s avocado toast home.
  • Godzilla complements monster’s destroyed open concept destroyed city buildings.
  • Kitty whiskers scanner pet door technology scans pets indoor security clearance.
  • Anxious man prepares mental check list before leaving of phone, keys, wallet & stressful social anxiety.
  • Lazy shark husband in chair watching television tells wife did frenzy attack last week & wants to stay home.
  • Oblivious friend gives pink unicorn present to turtles obsessed lady & says can never guess what she might like.
  • Kangaroo husband not comfortable wife with marsupial pouch Air BnB guest started hosting travelers vacation rooms online.
  • Playing card decks mom washing dishes in kitchen tells lazy attitude cards son no shuffling when walking rule.
  • Rowdy reptile turtles crowded inside tortoise shell house party drink beer keg cups and flirt.
  • Insect rebels long hairstyle earwig, inch worm measures metric, fly drives car & neat freak dust mite cleans home sparkling.

  • Transplanted kidney in new home greeted by welcoming body organs neighborhood friends acceptance.

You searched for: home