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  • Lady uses self service gas, do-it-yourself car wash, self-help books, self-checkout groceries & buffet/help yourself but mad bartender diy cocktails not allowed.
  • Older fairytale Hansel and Gretel kids run to sneaky witch’s avocado toast home.
  • Autocorrected Halloween texts fixes Frankenstein castle cattle, Vampire bats bass guitar, scary guest stories & trucker treat driver.
  • Doctor diagnoses drift wood brain puppet Pinocchio’s wandering thoughts concentration problems.
  • Children wonder if sneaky Ninja Sloth legend exists but it quickly disappears tricking them.
  • Lightweight beach ball super hero is defeated by air blowing slight windy gusts nemesis’ powers.
  • Frustrated ninja sloth suddenly smashes upsetting television newscast reporting endless awful news stories.
  • Fairy tale Jack & the Bean Stalk character talks with bean seeds explaining we’re all magic when we grow.
  • Cats fairy tale Rapunzel in tower pukes gross pet fur ball when kitty prince rescuer says to let down hair.
  • Kitty novelist sleeps on laptop keyboard & types random letters punctuation to complete writing novel in one night.
  • Builder constructing hippopotamus shaped Trojan horse asks if they can build something else as horses are too hard.
  • Living room full of sleeping cats group members meet blocking books pages at kitty book clubs meeting.