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  • French language test audiences misunderstand Fin end titled Jaws shark movie & leave theater.
  • Embarrassed cat tells Mickey Mouse ear hat wearing cat to think of the optics paired together.
  • Metal detector finds underground devil horns hand heavy metal rocker in sand dune beaches.
  • Dogs watch canine mime act stuck in imaginary kennel street performance entertainment.
  • Mime in invisible box & cute mimes costume puppy panting pantomime performance comparison.
  • Comfortable musician tucked in bed blankets onstage performs song covers to listening audience.
  • Single drum tells guitar date no one wants it solo so decided to start dating again.
  • Scared dogs in cinema theater watch terrified movie canine hide from killer bath tub trying to bathe it.
  • Foo Fighters spoof angry fluffy cats musicians snarl onstage in aggressive hardcore musical performance.
  • Star Wars film droid C-3PO embarrassed by smelly fart relative C-3PU’s gross bathroom poop stink.
  • Devil hurts comedian Carrot Top with pitchfork in hell fire punishment but is unsure salad fork torment etiquette.
  • Expired older Humpty Dumpty apologizes to surprised lover for disappointing sexual performance with past best by dates excuse.