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  • Cat sees how many lives it used up on smartphone calorie counter fitness tracker app after cats’ tough hike.
  • Cat psychiatrist asks mouse therapy patient to discuss it’s vulnerability.
  • Man in crowd running from Zilla smashing city laughs at stomp me sign on man’s back.
  • Tree tells grossed out tree that the blaze on it’s rear end is a trail marker, not a rash.
  • Man tells wife at breakfast table that dog in skis on hill out window is determined to catch squirrel this year.
  • Robot on ice skating rink makes figure eight in computer binary code.
  • Bulls with scissors chase runners through streets of Pamplona, Spain.
  • Purple color runs away from rainbow created by light passing through prism.
  • Woman jogging on treadmill at healthclub is suddenly swarmed by a crowd of excited people wanting to run too.
  • Turkey apologizes to dance partner for stepping on foot, says he has two left drumsticks.
  • Martian on golf course observes that whenever something goes wrong it’s a tree’s fault.
  • Angels playing baseball wonder if a ball caught in halo counts as out.