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  • Small pet hamster running spins big electric wind energy turbine in magnified close-up.
  • Fat treadmill exercising peppermint thinks it needs more realistic skinny candy cane fitness goal.
  • Santa assigns elf workers making dog toys for long good boys & girls nice list pet names.
  • Dancing Xmas light bulb says party fun but wishes dances not all congas.
  • Fighting Christmas tree & kitty wrestlers compete in wrestling match.
  • Bird offers tissues to frustrated turkey, mistook snood skin beak drip for runny nose.
  • Humor head shark wears Groucho nose glasses & fake arrow comedian costume.
  • Bored dog on smartphone orders new ball when owner throws toy playing fetch.
  • Older fairytale Hansel and Gretel kids run to sneaky witch’s avocado toast home.
  • Balls enter scary tower & exit patch sewn face baseball monsters.
  • Terrified scaredy cats flee tin foil horror movie theater.
  • Daughter riding witches broomstick ready to take off practice training bristles.