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  • Balls enter scary tower & exit patch sewn face baseball monsters.
  • Rebellious cricket prefers base ball, fire ant plays in pool, never married spider relaxes & bed bug naps on sofa.

  • Baseball coach tells zombie players to look alive as undead slowly walk field.
  • Consumers arrested for wearing ball cap to hockey game, using pot holder for pan, putting grapes in sandwich bag & duct tape on not a duct product crimes.
  • Baseball player with smartphone running bases in game asks teammate if they’ve become too reliant on GPS technology.
  • Spoof sluggish Louisville Slugger baseball bat covered in slimy slugs slows down fastballs.
  • Big dog baseball pitcher tells coach to try hitting little Chihuahua team batters’ small strikes zones himself.
  • Dog baseball coach tells pitcher that excited dog player at bat expects a walk.
  • Dog baseball team players all chase ball when pitcher throws it to batter.
  • Angels playing baseball wonder if a ball caught in halo counts as out.
  • Baseball catcher’s doctor tells him he’s already had practice saying he’s got it.
  • Baseball player has trouble understanding coach's new emoticon signals.

You searched for: baseball