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  • Panicked shoppers running in 5K marathon rush to run errands to stores, bank, dry clean and vet.
  • Annoyed devil dad in hell tells excited demon son for the zillionth time it’s not a snow day.
  • Cupid launches arrows drone strike making people fall in love on Valentine’s Day.
  • Connected cat technology upgrades like Touch Screen climbing, Voice Command meowing at door, Airplane Mode pouncing, and Being Trolled bird tweets.
  • Colored paint splatters cover pranked man’s face and clothes in paintball pinball game joke.
  • Cats at healthclub run on treadmills with laser pointers chasing red light dots on wall.
  • Happy spiders run downstairs to see wrapped bug presents under Christmas tree.
  • Turkeys are playing fun gravy water balloons fight game in backyard.
  • Dog tracks milage running to front door on smartphone fitness app.
  • Cardboard TP tube audience watches scary toilet paper roll mummy movie.
  • Lionesses hunters hate lion’s unfair new gnu math prey division.
  • Dog Spinning Instructor wears bunny suit to motivate class to pedal faster.