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  • Witch's conjured grape jelly parodies Welsh's concord grape jelly.
  • Mom edits alphabet soup for son by taking out all the Fs.
  • Cat chooses from various flavors of catnip.
  • Octopus denies tentacles are extensions.
  • Caveman teacher makes Gruk share his wooly mammoth snack with class.
  • Swiss lobster has various tools for claws and legs.
  • Snake falls in love with similar looking grilled hot dog
  • A cheeseburger is in heaven, while pastrami is in purgatory.
  • Swelly Belly parodies Jelly Belly jelly beans.
  • Knight realizes that Humpty Dumpty poem doesn't say he was an egg.
  • After unproductive day of brainstorming, coworkers head to bar to excessively drink to bladderstorm.
  • A piñata's sneeze blows open a hole in piñata across from him.