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  • Mansplaining man tells lady vegetable salad actually fruits, wonders why rejected second date.
  • Cat with sunglasses and drink relaxes in litter box lounge chair after owner cleans sandy bathroom beach.
  • Birds say rope pulled from embarrassed man’s fallen sweat pants perfect string to finish nest.
  • Crafty beer bottle and can kids cut and glue arts and crafts pictures and spoon doll creations.
  • Rebellious fruit fly fries bacon, commoner monarch butterfly watches TV, stag beetles dating & spelling bee misspells insect.
  • Man in monster destroyed city disgusted Zilla chewing with mouth open person named Gary.
  • Suspicious cat says to check pet treats for medicine but clueless dog swallows it ignoring advice.
  • Smartphone tells ugly expression phone at bar to change its lock screen resting face.
  • Gambling birds play birdseed feeder slot machines winning seed food jackpots.
  • Dogs couple girlfriend wonders if boyfriend loves her or treats in her coat pockets.
  • Therapist asks dog in therapy with food dish if true he complains it’s never enough.
  • Kitty therapist asks cats couple shaking treats bag how got partner to follow to therapy.