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  • Researcher develops cake batter bowl mouse trap to catch mice.
  • Fat Rodin Thinker sculpture becomes The Thicker eating junk food and watching TV.
  • Cellphones at party laugh at phone with plugged in battery charger cord stuck to butt.
  • Man tells wife at breakfast table that dog in skis on hill out window is determined to catch squirrel this year.
  • Sad bookmarks at bar complain their good relationships are always the shortest.
  • Woman in bar says man is in a reflective mood and he answers what makes you say that in backwards mirrored text.
  • Dachshund complains pizza slice dog wouldn’t understand being compared to a hot dog.
  • Cat in restaurant says can always tell couple on first date as two cats scratch and hiss at each other.
  • Man in bar asks other being served Contagious Toe Fungus beer by bartender if microbrew names have gone too far.
  • Spider realizes he didn’t bring bee to BYOBee party.
  • Dog asks if it’s legal cat crossed out their names on food dishes and wrote her own.
  • Fish tells other in fishbowl rice wont dry out it’s wet smartphone.