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  • Autocorrected depressed beach sand dune, sunscreen sun yells, stoned ocean toad & rude bird sea gull gall spelling changes.
  • Cream of Wheat brand spoof canary birds instant cat breakfast cereal package.
  • Diverse flavored yogurts group gathers in inclusive multi-cultural community center.
  • Spoof gross Cheerios brand mushy oats cereal package oozes in mouth with no chewing.
  • Wild leftover pizza animal in office scares employee returning to in-person work.
  • Different father animals tell corny and cheesy dad jokes to their young children & babies.
  • Ride share driver grosses out passenger with embarrassing intestinal blockage conversation.
  • Sad glass patient feels half empty before therapist appointment but has optimistic half full positive outlook after.
  • Coworkers talking in cat and dog have trouble readjusting return to office after Covid lockdowns.
  • Barista gives cafe customers in face masks coffees with mumbled names cups.
  • Medusa holds empty bun by grill as snake hair has hot dog in belly.
  • Tiny Tony’s brand parody very thin crust pizza box echoes and needs magnifying glass.