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  • Vacationer bedbugs riding on bathrobe take robe road trip.
  • Newborn infant peanuts are fresh peanuts while elderly Planter’s Mr. Peanut is in peanut brittle hospital room.
  • Cat on laptop computer suggests finicky diet website but dog says can’t see it working for him.
  • Daisy with smartphone is bored with sunny photosynthesis food photos posted on Facebook.
  • Nervous beer pint tries to ask other beer at bar if it’s a lager but says are you larger by mistake.
  • Vampire’s invisible I.D. photo makes vampire nightclub bouncer’s job challenging.
  • Jellyfish tells jellyfish with short and long tentacles it’s time to rethink mullet hairstyle.
  • Shopper in non-fiction sees Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster eating books on nom nom bookstore shelves.
  • Mob of frenzied shoppers fight over coffee in supermarket before daylight savings.
  • Squeeze bottle ketchup tells glass bottle he never has a problem staying regular.
  • Anteater waiter serving ants from antfarm to anteaters on date that restaurant’s food is farm to table.
  • Chubby dog waiting to be fed changed food serving size to whole bag with marker.