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  • Red nose Rudolph’s pregnant reindeer mom craves eating beets veggies nonstop.
  • Autocorrected holiday texts turnip turns up volume, weightlifter pumpkin pie pumping iron, groovy hippy gravy boat & masher nervous sweet potato sweats.
  • Ninja sloth mashes potatoes with stubborn man’s head when he refuses to help wife cook Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Scared pumpkins watch scary dead rotten squash movie Halloween 2 weeks later.
  • Man picks smelly urine asparagus or non-asparagus bathroom options.
  • Autocorrected breakfast texts fix bagel hole beagle dog, human face man cake pancakes, scrambled egg scribbles & avocado foot toes.
  • Devil hurts comedian Carrot Top with pitchfork in hell fire punishment but is unsure salad fork torment etiquette.
  • Scared lettuces cinema audience watches rabbit vegetable murderer horror movie.
  • Comic book super hero Captain Entree apprehends bank robber criminal Plate with trusted Side Dish sidekick.
  • Veggies denying child refuses to eat dinner vegetables, tells mother he has asparagus hesitancy.
  • Bad music performance causes violent angry tomatoes’ gory smashed food fight chaos.
  • Jolly Green Giant wife catches husband on laptop naked Eve fig leaf pornography website.

You searched for: vegetable