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  • Avocado half can’t punch opponent in pit.
  • Pepper shaker and vegetable pepper wind up on a bad blind date.
  • Cat makes snowman into a cat by putting carrots as ears.

  • Dinosaur reads how to become a vegetarian after trying to kill triceratops and getting hurt.
  • At high school reunion, fruits and vegetables are jealous Twinkie hasn't aged at all.
  • An egg plant praises Humpty Dumpty during campaigning speech.
  • Kale has been appearing in many films these days.
  • Snowmen watch a horror movie.
  • Zombies try to eat the Headless Horseman, but they don't like pumpkin seeds.
  • Seeds leave a pumpkin and one seed wants to know if they are out of their gourd.

You searched for: vegetable