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  • Wah-wah voice teacher from Shultz’s Charlie Brown cartoon gets summer job at fast food restaurant drive thru speaker.
  • HayDay PayDay candy package spoof with cow and horse fighting is for horses but better for cows.
  • Woman on laptop uses opening can and shaking treats noise cat finding program to call missing pet.
  • Customers are arrested for crimes breaking food usage rules in Consumer Reports parody.
  • Tea bag sitting on couch thinks party got weird as teabags steep together in tea cup hot tub.
  • Humpty Dumpty sitting on wall’s smartphone asks if he wants to enable push notifications.
  • Spoof metal bolt and nut Jolly Wrencher candy wrapper parodies Jolly-Ranchers packaging.
  • Shopping cart gamer plays parking lot spot blocking video game.
  • Afraid lab rat asks other if it feels like it stumbled into the wrong timeline as scary cheese runs through maze to eat them.
  • Godzilla wearing eat locals t-shirt devours local people in demolished city.
  • Blurry picture of too much caffeine espresso business founder in office is painted with shaking lines.
  • Indoor cat snacks on treats watching birds in nests outside window in Nestflix Netflix parody.