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  • Grossed out goldfish thinks fish food mistake as cat paw sprinkles oregano in fishtank.
  • Dog eats lawn as medicine then enjoys rolling in grass recreationally for fun.
  • Two men named Herb complain bitterly about not having flour at Passover table.
  • Cat chooses from various flavors of catnip.

  • After passing sobriety test, man allows cat to have more catnip.
  • Monsters like to eat well seasoned herbal remedy customers.
  • Charles Dickens cooks poorly.
  • A cat buys catnip potpourri.
  • A cat tears down a Christmas tree because he got a present of catnip.
  • A woman's recipe has cat hair in it because she owns so many cats.
  • GMO foods and household items mutate to have hands, feet, and teeth.
  • A new pilot crashes her plane into a spice factory, becoming a seasoned pilot.

You searched for: herbs