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  • Big muscle weightlifter bears workout in health club weight lifting to bulk ripped body muscles.
  • Embarrassed moon in sky can’t change phases watched by astronomer in observatory.
  • Barista gives cafe customers in face masks coffees with mumbled names cups.
  • Man shopping online on computer sees unrelated chiropractic product suggestion marketing.
  • Consumers arrested for wearing ball cap to hockey game, using pot holder for pan, putting grapes in sandwich bag & duct tape on not a duct product crimes.
  • Stealthy slow ninja sloth suddenly steals woman’s hat without being seen.
  • Consumer criminals wore bowling shirt playing pool, used table spoon at counter, ate cold cuts room temp & used baby powder when old in product crimes.
  • Receptionist asks man not wearing pants if he’s there for the memory seminar.
  • Customer doubts misspelled sign coffee shop will spell name right.
  • Godzilla tells monster with shipping containers in pockets cargo pants aren’t cool.
  • Man gets scribble drawing face tattoo at take your child to work day special tattoo parlor.
  • Customer marks quotes on gross taste “delicious” apples grocery store sign.