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  • Forgetful man in supermarket slowly remembers where he knows familiar lady from.
  • Passover matzo cracker dancers dressed in formal gowns & tuxedos dance at fancy matzo ball celebration.
  • Frustrated Humpty Dumpty on cellphone customer review website rates All the King’s Horses & Men bad eggshell repair service.
  • Space station astronauts see idiot wear bare legs & sneakers spacesuit mix-up.
  • Birds say rope pulled from embarrassed man’s fallen sweat pants perfect string to finish nest.
  • Lady uses self service gas, do-it-yourself car wash, self-help books, self-checkout groceries & buffet/help yourself but mad bartender diy cocktails not allowed.
  • Snow lady asks snowman spouse to help button rocks on dress back.
  • Bulky Michelin Man tire brand mascot sees popular winter puffer coats & thinks he’s an influencer.
  • Dining dog pays for dinner, says least can do after owner picking up poop.
  • Self-conscious guy burned clothes on fire after date’s nice shirts compliments become unenthusiastic greeting.
  • Package stealing kitty peeks out window at confused man with delivered order dumped in yard.
  • Doctor diagnoses chimney soot covered Santa Claus’ Christmas season flue flu illness.