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  • Woman tells man angry swear word symbol wind blowing in window is cross-breeze.
  • Impressed balloon grandkids grandmother lives life of needlepoint danger.
  • Terrified nails audience leaves cinema playing Thor movie.
  • Superhero men sit legs spread wide apart at super spreader event barbecue.
  • Dog opening “Who’s a good dog?” collector’s cards is excited to see it’s own picture.
  • Bridesmaids on internet bachelorette party screen see cat butt on bride’s computer webcam.
  • Owner reads Who’s Who biography as dog is reading book titled Who’s A Good Doggie
  • Marvel Avengers character Groot on laptop website debunks George Washington cherry tree and wooden teeth myths.
  • Active outdoor Xmas lightbulb likes outside hikes, skiing & snow but indoor light bulb reading prefers cozy fire inside.
  • Angry man rips favorite shirt and changes to Incredible Hulk but is disappointed he ruined his clothes.
  • Old Spider Man’s web-shooter malfunctions missing bank robber.
  • Telecommuting pet owner names identical fish in aquarium after week days because can’t tell them apart.