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  • Crafty beer bottle and can kids cut and glue arts and crafts pictures and spoon doll creations.
  • Gambling birds play birdseed feeder slot machines winning seed food jackpots.
  • Groundhog learns shadows make shaded smartphone screens much easier to read.
  • Crafty kitty creates clay vase on pottery wheel & kiln to knock off table.
  • In hospital, Rudolph mistakenly gets all of Operation Man's parts taken out.
  • Apples in bowl misread pies filling ingredients for dental cavity.
  • Balls enter scary tower & exit patch sewn face baseball monsters.
  • Optometrist tests patient eyesight reading menus in dark restaurants lighting.
  • Muppet Kermit asks awkward sexual ass requests to Hamburger Helper brand glove.
  • Horse game piece pulled over by police can’t walk straight in DUI intoxicated driving sobriety check.
  • Autocorrected Sesame Street Muppets Oscar the Crouch hides, gambling Bookie Monster, insect head big Bug Bird & tree trunk Elm Elmo text message spelling mix ups.
  • Oblivious friend gives pink unicorn present to turtles obsessed lady & says can never guess what she might like.