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  • Cat family driving car is excited for box factory amusement park vacation.
  • Colored egg author reads book about Easter Bunny kidnapping to scared white egg audience.
  • Cat writer at bookstore author visit signs cats copies of nine lives autobiography books.
  • Sad bookmarks at bar complain their good relationships are always the shortest.
  • Man climbs tipping bookshelves to reach book titled The Man Who Was Crushed By Books.
  • Christmas tree on laptop is caught by wife looking at internet porn of naked tree with no leaves.
  • Book titled Nothing Is Out of Reach is on top shelf of bookstore where man can’t get it.
  • Woman is shocked by pile of books on top of man but it’s just bookstore’s new horror display.
  • Raven says “never Moore” while watching James Bond movie with Edgar Allen Poe.
  • Zombie lusts after intelligent brains of Jeopardy game show contestants on TV.
  • Introvert Airlines is always fully booked with passengers reading.
  • Man reads book of words rhyming with nursery to child.