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  • Doctor diagnoses chimney soot covered Santa Claus’ Christmas season flue flu illness.
  • Worm puking mother fills baby birds’ Christmas stocking stuffer gifts at fireplace mantle.
  • Socks are convinced system is rigged when stockings get warm place by fire.
  • Santa Claus delivers presents delayed by sleigh chain inventory shipping problems weeks later in January to annoyed lady.
  • Block shaped Santa watching post chimney yoga video exercises after Christmas gift deliveries.
  • Sneaky ninja sloth on roof silently steals Christmas toy delivering Santa’s beard off face before going down chimney.

  • Excited Medusa and snakes hairs’ gifts stuffed stockings hang on fireplace Christmas morning.
  • Cartoonist imagines self as cold complaining Santa refusing to deliver toys Christmas Eve.
  • Active outdoor Xmas lightbulb likes outside hikes, skiing & snow but indoor light bulb reading prefers cozy fire inside.
  • Scared cookies watch Christmas horror movie with Santa murderer coming down chimney.
  • Pirate with wooden leg and hook hand has peg leg Christmas stocking hung on fireplace mantle.
  • Santa on laptop plans 75 million Christmas Eve sleigh trip stops on air travel website.

You searched for: fireplace