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  • Snowman tells mad snow man with dog touching bum with twig arm not on purpose.
  • Beard & glasses disguised Potatohead man tells neighbor he’s Mr Regular head.
  • Bored dog on smartphone orders new ball when owner throws toy playing fetch.
  • Tennis player dog with racket misunderstands owner tennis ball fetch game & feels dumb.
  • Insect rebels long hairstyle earwig, inch worm measures metric, fly drives car & neat freak dust mite cleans home sparkling.

  • Startled martian butt sniffed by chilly dog nose tells surprised aliens it was probed on Earth.
  • Happy dog wagging tail fitness tracker enjoys pet food, playing, fetch, pets & cuddling owner on sofa to achieve daily goals for happiness.
  • Dog watching TV sees gross pee, butt, trash, roadkill & crotch sniffing show choices.
  • Obese squirrel expert teaches Ted Talks lesson on best bird feeders.
  • Shopper sees bags honestly labeled squirrel seed in store, not bird seed.
  • Sleeping dog dreams chasing rabbit, wakes to spouse kicked out of bed on floor.
  • Grossed out bird tells bird drinking from birdbath it just took a bath in water.

You searched for: yard