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  • Mark takes the day off and his family comes up with the ideas for the cartoon.
  • Goldfish have a heat wave that unfloods their attic.
  • The research facility has all kinds of water, but only tap is drunk.
  • Dr. Jekyll makes a slight miscalculation when making his concoction.
  • A coffee table that is made up of different elements from the periodic table.
  • Scientists try to make a new groundhog, in an effort to shorten the length of winter.
  • Forensic analysis is used to determine where the food fight started.
  • A bunny is genetically engineered to be more lucky.
  • The chipmunks get addicted to helium after years of singing.
  • An alien mother lets her kids have carbon based lifeforms that make them burp.
  • Sharks uses pufferfish to sound like Mickey Mouse.
  • The element of surprise is added to the Periodic Table of the Elements.