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  • Discouraged planet Earth listens to Chumbawumba’s knocked down punk rock song to amp up on Earth Day.
  • Daisy with smartphone is bored with sunny photosynthesis food photos posted on Facebook.
  • Man on smartphone in room full of cat hair says he spent less on heat than expected and cat thinks “you’re welcome.”
  • Frankenstein sits alone at monster party, neck bolts plugged into charging smartphones.
  • Man uses a sand detector in a pile of trash at the beach to look for sand.
  • Dog checks cellphone Global Positioning System directions to zoom in circles around yard.
  • Wind energy turbine sees windy weather forecast on smartphone app and thinks it will be working again tonight.
  • Electric cars sitting in living room are suspicious when their children are too quiet.
  • Man in electric car asks woman to stop posting online that he’s passing gas while driving past stations.
  • Bare branch deciduous tree is scolded by pine for littering recyclable trash on Arbor Day. He’s only green part of the year.
  • Planet Earth with tablet computer receives many Facebook friend requests online on Earth Day.
  • Sloth asks other sloth why it’s moving faster and it answers it shouldn’t have had a second shot of espresso.