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  • Crow in tree eating bag of road kill asks snobby crow eating boulevard kill when it got hoity toity.
  • Grossed out bird tells bird drinking from birdbath it just took a bath in water.
  • Bully sun criticizes sunbathing man on beach’s SPF saggy pasty flesh in sun burn insult.
  • Upset Loch Ness Monster’s home ransacked by robbers because lockless door unlocked.
  • Birdwatcher on smartphone bird translator app reads target approaching as singing birds prepare to poop.
  • Rattleship discombobulated game frustrates players with many rickety broken pieces to lose.
  • Shaggy jellyfishes can’t trim overgrown tendrils at salon closed in Covid-19 pandemic shutdowns.
  • Embarrassed thunderstorm cloud farts lightning boom in front of other clouds in sky.
  • Annoyed female bird thinks male’s bad karaoke song is worse than his mating dance.
  • Angry Bigfoot in forest saying you don’t know me is a sass quatch.
  • Nimble squirrel runs through backyard obstacles to birdseed feeder in American Ninja Warrior show parody.
  • Indoor cat snacks on treats watching birds in nests outside window in Nestflix Netflix parody.