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  • Grumpy man at seashore criticizes cold ocean waves in negative reviews.
  • Mountain biking man rides bumpy trail and is sprayed in face by soda can, thinks seltzer water a bad idea.
  • Squinting giraffe on smartphone needs a tablet and can’t see tiny screen far away.
  • Pet owner tells woman lobster in fish tank is a rescue he adopted.
  • Autocorrected depressed beach sand dune, sunscreen sun yells, stoned ocean toad & rude bird sea gull gall spelling changes.
  • Big muscle weightlifter bears workout in health club weight lifting to bulk ripped body muscles.
  • Embarrassed moon in sky can’t change phases watched by astronomer in observatory.
  • Wild leftover pizza animal in office scares employee returning to in-person work.
  • Relaxed hyena under tree says it feels balanced by weeping willow.
  • Different father animals tell corny and cheesy dad jokes to their young children & babies.
  • Defense Attorney perching with crow flock in tree successful reducing murder to manslaughter trial.
  • Cat thinks Mmm thought bubble at M birds flying by cloud.