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  • Mistaken ocean clam’s incompatible relationship with pistachio nutshell love.
  • Frustrated sloth knows Jeopardy game questions but fast animal players answer too quick.
  • Bears at party hate talking about annoying panda’s dull bamboo dieting obsession.
  • Weightlifting fish left behind by evolved fish with feet on land regrets skipping leg day exercises.
  • Turtle parent tells kid in glowing turtleshell to shut off smartphone for bed time.
  • Excited opossum babies on back cheer for mother’s fun roller coaster hill ride.
  • Clouds on smartphones annoyed dates’ appearance changed from attractive photos on website.
  • Whale on laptop internet whale watch teleconference tells tourists it’s scheduled for next appointment.
  • Fool swims in sharks prey seals costume when ocean predator prank goes horribly wrong.
  • Cat audience applauds hibernating bears doing nothing for months at a time presentation.
  • Fish on smartphone says weather going to be wet in online under water forecasts.
  • Car wish car-wash gives vehicles plane wings granting cars’ wishes for flight.