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  • Wrinkled clothing historical period villagers wear crinkled fabric garments before irons invented.
  • Annoyed astronaut swears at zero gravity stuck snack floating in vending machine on I.S.S. space station.
  • Exercising sphere shaped Earth’s belly crunches, treadmill run & push up workout effort fails to flatten round body.
  • Transplanted kidney in new home greeted by welcoming body organs neighborhood friends acceptance.
  • Man on date’s gallbladder helps him digest restaurant meal, but rude pee bladder has gall to interrupt make out kissing.
  • Scientist warns cartoon speech bubbles polluting planet’s atmosphere released by talking.
  • Human body organs rock musicians tell heart drummer prefer it doesn’t skip heartbeat rhythm.
  • Misspelled Valentine’s Day texts autocorrected box of chalk lights chocolates, liver lover boy, car valet time & rude bugs swearing disses insults.
  • Veggies denying child refuses to eat dinner vegetables, tells mother he has asparagus hesitancy.
  • Seed topped everything flavored bagel detail magnifies random assortment of many different tiny microscopic objects.
  • Solar system planets see retro 1970’s style Mercury wearing sunglasses, mustache, slick hair & sideburns.
  • Space planets skeptical invisible new moon girlfriend hiding in dark really exists.