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  • Naughty cat on smartphone shows off torn curtains & spilled plants mess in selfie photo.
  • Earth in bed at night urgently wakes to urinate as orbiting moon pulls tides.
  • Santa Claus’s wife frustrated by husband’s dirty wet footprints says he’s unbelievable.
  • Upset microwave oven tells therapist it looks fine outside but is a mess inside.
  • Discouraged planet Earth listens to Chumbawumba’s knocked down punk rock song to amp up on Earth Day.
  • Man uses a sand detector in a pile of trash at the beach to look for sand.
  • Godzilla parent tells monster child not to come into the house until it wipes squished people from the beach off feet.
  • Planet Earth with tablet computer receives many Facebook friend requests online on Earth Day.
  • Earth is surprised to see how much ice cap he’s lost in photos on Facebook Memories.
  • Man decides shag rug is too deep.
  • Soily Putty parodies Silly Putty.
  • Aftersharks are scarier than the sharknado.