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  • Police milk cartons investigating crime scene suspicious unemotional suspect isn’t crying over dead spilled milk.
  • Clouds on smartphones annoyed dates’ appearance changed from attractive photos on website.
  • Frosty the snowman rushes to porta potty restroom before snow emergency poop & pee accident.
  • Cat audience applauds hibernating bears doing nothing for months at a time presentation.
  • Fish on smartphone says weather going to be wet in online under water forecasts.
  • Counselor asks leprechaun in therapy about pot of goals instead of gold priority.
  • Fortune teller’s crystal ball foresees Prince Charming marry snow white Frosty the Snowman husband.
  • Cat with sunglasses and drink relaxes in litter box lounge chair after owner cleans sandy bathroom beach.
  • Snowman tells mad snow man with dog touching bum with twig arm not on purpose.
  • Guitar on smartphone instruments dating website rejected by sexy saxophone’s no strings profile.
  • Headless snowman complains snowmen couple’s too hard kiss pushed snowball head off body.
  • No nose snowman says he smells terrible bad breath after dog steals carrot.