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  • Annoyed astronaut swears at zero gravity stuck snack floating in vending machine on I.S.S. space station.
  • Doctor bats monitor asleep upside-down bat patient’s Rapid Ears Movements R.E.M. echolocation motions.
  • Indestructible zombie Christmas fruitcakes and cockroaches only survivors of apocalyptic worldwide destruction.
  • Earth in bed at night urgently wakes to urinate as orbiting moon pulls tides.
  • Wife sees antigravity toothpaste isn’t anti-cavity as husband brushing teeth in sky flies outside window.
  • Scientist questions how a cat has not become smaller after shedding a large amount of hair.
  • Bill decides to literally live off the land by floating above it.
  • To deal with problems, Earth decides to expel some things with selective gravity failure.
  • Dr. McCoy from Star Trek reads a list of things he's not at a poetry slam.
  • Pi talks for too long at a party.
  • A clean fridge tells a fridge covered in notes that it should get a smartphone.