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  • A man messes up his trial by asking the judge if anyone has ever compared his robes to a dress.
  • Butterflies give a seminar on chaos theory.
  • A man drinks a pitcher of light beer and has to pee immediately.
  • The real reason the Universe is expanding is because it eats too much ice cream.
  • A woman names her cat Nature because he abhors a vacuum.
  • A parody comic shows how to make your own cartoon character.
  • A woman's hard drive is erased by a powerful magnate.
  • A mad scientist's time machine isn't Y2K compatible.
  • Cats research whether cats are more scared of vacuums or more drawn to can openers.
  • William Tell shoots the apple falling toward Isaac Newton's head.
  • A man's radar detector goes haywire because a giant bat is about to attack him.
  • A bat was a sparkle in his dad's ear instead of his eye.