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  • Single cell organism doctor diagnosis's his patient’s rash as athlete’s pseudopod.
  • Dinosaur on laptop checks why meteor is trending on Twitter.
  • Cat shaped bacteria attracts more women than other cells.
  • Researchers wonder where mouse in maze got a monster truck.
  • Cheese in maze asks another piece of cheese what happened to the previous tenant of their new home.
  • Fish are beached by GPS walking directions.
  • Dinosaur tries fidget Spinner Fad after it has passed.
  • Balloon becomes a werewolf after seeing full moon.
  • Dinosaurs watch a movie where they are saved from extinction.
  • Tick comes back engorged with blood after crawling around on pups all night.
  • Researcher asks scientist looking into microscope what's the matter.
  • Tick uses smartphone to find lots of potential dogs to ride in the area.