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  • Sleeping man in bed wakes to pee at night but clicks bladder snooze button biotechnology invention.
  • Science lab mouse running on exercise treadmill watches mazes video on television screen.
  • Clueless ocean wildlife researcher says GPS location tag sharks don’t realize being tracked & uses smartphone info tracking internet technology.
  • Scientist warns cartoon speech bubbles polluting planet’s atmosphere released by talking.
  • Veggies denying child refuses to eat dinner vegetables, tells mother he has asparagus hesitancy.
  • Disappointed mice in science experiment maze wait with kids trick-or-treat candy.
  • Researchers invent unicorn kitty hybrid mix with painful leg poking horn.
  • Embarrassed moon in sky can’t change phases watched by astronomer in observatory.
  • Yogurts scientists find early frozen yougurt trapped in ice.
  • After slipping on fruit peel, injured man in science lab’s life mission is to invent peel-less bananas.
  • Researcher tests painful internet haircutting laptop scissor arm invention rough drafts.
  • Researcher tells scientist mouse has been afraid of mazes since saw “The Shining.”