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  • Couple is grossed out by already chewed gum in a recycled gum ball machine.
  • Hypnotized cats in flying saucers crash into the sun.
  • Uranus is terrified to say his name in front of classroom of planets when the sun teacher demands his proper name.
  • Coffee is the source of the sun’s solar energy.
  • Earth is surprised to see how much ice cap he’s lost in photos on Facebook Memories.
  • Couple in hot tub realizes that sharks have been showing up in warmer waters.
  • Phones going into low power mode stop to recharge with coffee.
  • Dog biscuits are actually made by crushing gingerbread men.
  • Overpopulation of Earth is compared to man taking up too much seating space on subway.
  • Bumble Beast polluted tuna parodies Bumble Bee tuna.