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  • Creepy predator werewolves prey day candies brand spoof wrapper has full moon energy.
  • Environmentally friendly dog writes list of more walks, eat garbage, poop plant fertilizer conservation plans.
  • Stealthy slow ninja sloth suddenly tosses jerk littering park in garbage without being seen.
  • Earth in bed at night urgently wakes to urinate as orbiting moon pulls tides.
  • Man knocked over by happy dog says only gone for a moment but dog thinks it’s seven moments in its life.
  • Pet macaw bird excites frenzied dog mimicking owner saying go for a walk & time for din-din,
  • Over caffeinated swamp monster in coffee mug scares man man eating breakfast.
  • Sleeping dog dreams chasing rabbit, wakes to spouse kicked out of bed on floor.
  • Emoji face in counseling tells therapist you try keeping happy expression these days.
  • God watching funny cat videos on smartphone asks angel if he missed anything as Earth cries for help from 2020 virus and disasters.
  • Dogs on computer run zoomies around yards together on Zoom video conference.
  • Discouraged planet Earth listens to Chumbawumba’s knocked down punk rock song to amp up on Earth Day.