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  • A windmill has a key in the back so it can be wound up.
  • The grass on the other side of the fence is taking out its recycling because it's greener.
  • Lazy people at the gym use the elevatormaster instead of the stairmaster.
  • Wind turbines break because they're too close together.
  • A shark hunts antelope and a cheetah says he's out of his jurisdiction.
  • A woman's tea is green because it's recycled from unfinished cups.
  • Street dirt is a spray tan for snowmen.
  • A man buys solar power for his car.
  • The creature from the green lagoon reminds a woman to recycle.
  • Mom puts together leftover cake pieces from kids for dad's birthday.
  • Tick gets caught in avalanche of animal fur during shedding season.
  • Dirty gutters house birds and are declared protected wetlands.