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  • Science lab mouse running on exercise treadmill watches mazes video on television screen.
  • Optimistic shriveled hospital balloon survives months longer than doctors anticipated.
  • Water made as Oxygen O in bar tells Hydrogen partner polyamorous 2 H sex could spice up couple’s relationship.
  • Scary movie monsters listen to zombie slow jams, swamp creature, surf, mad scientist experimental and Friday the 13th Jason deep cuts musical styles.
  • Mad scientist frustrated monster’s smart watch move alert rises dead Frankenstien to walk.
  • Disappointed mice in science experiment maze wait with kids trick-or-treat candy.
  • Researchers invent unicorn kitty hybrid mix with painful leg poking horn.
  • Cavemen write rock element early periodic table science discovery.
  • After slipping on fruit peel, injured man in science lab’s life mission is to invent peel-less bananas.
  • Researcher tests painful internet haircutting laptop scissor arm invention rough drafts.
  • Mad scientist works from home making Frankenstien monster friend.