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  • Dr. Frankenstein stopped hiring zombie assistants because they ate the brains.
  • Vegan witches brew potion with eye of potato instead of eye of newt.
  • The center advocating for a smaller carbon footprint adds to its footprint.
  • A mad scientist cat gives a Frankenstein cat a tenth life.
  • Father mistakenly fills pool floats with helium and balloons with air.
  • Dilating drops accident results in the origin of anime.
  • Research testing done to determine if yawns are contagious to animals.
  • During surgery, Dr. Frankenstein asks Igor for Phillip's head for monster.
  • Pool water test reveals an excess of chlorine is to blame for bleached family.
  • Flight attendant explains oxygen will drop down with loss of cabin pressure by no C02 for plant.
  • A man uses a balloon vending machine, but can't get the balloon out because it floated to the top.
  • Dr. Gray proves in scientific experiment that blood is thicker than water when blood doesn't get the