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  • Flight attendant explains oxygen will drop down with loss of cabin pressure by no C02 for plant.
  • A man uses a balloon vending machine, but can't get the balloon out because it floated to the top.
  • Dr. Gray proves in scientific experiment that blood is thicker than water when blood doesn't get the
  • Scientists work to make artificial wood, while termite scientists work to make artificial termites.
  • Pavlov's dogs drool whenever the downstairs neighbor's telephone rings.
  • A mom complains that a kid is trashing her home, but outside everyone is polluting the earth.
  • A doctor treats dry eyes with the controversial method of insulting patients.
  • A bug says that reading is overrated, as it is eating into a can of pesticide.
  • Mice complain about spiked cheese in lab tests.
  • This rat happens to like the electric shocks while in the maze.
  • A fish listening to Earth Wind and Fire can't relate to the music.
  • Headache inducer is used to disrupt the mosquito breeding cycle.