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  • Two men fishing in boat, one drinking beer says he's been coming there for years, fishing is getting worse, under water is pile of cans.
  • Man wonders if there is any hope since he met another girl who won't give him time of day, girl's wearing several clocks and watches.
  • Man thinks about date, he complimented service, asked for another date, showed her food on his dental floss, wonders why she got sick and left.
  • Bottle of wine at dating service, tells employee the girl for him should be complex, yet simple, smooth with character, delicate body, and bold.
  • Woman at dinner table tells guest not to mind Rufus the dog, he's being possessive because man is eating from bowl Rufus usually eats from.
  • Man lying on floor in Bakery World, "Where You Get the Attention You Deserve," with pie in his face, employee tells co-worker he deserved it.
  • Mom tells daughter ants crawled through floorboards, got into her casserole, Dad is taking care of them, while Dad gives the ants Pepto Bismol.
  • One fruit fly tells another to take a long walk on a short pear, instead of pier because they are tiny fruit flies.
  • Boss cat upset with employee cat, Crowley, for taking another three catnip lunch, demands key to executive litterbox.
  • Man paints billboard that says, "Sud Beer is Puke," another man yells at him that it's supposed to say pure, not puke.
  • Grapes line up outside of movie theater to watch "The Wrath of Grapes," and "Planet of the Grapes."
  • Fish two days after the Boston Tea Party, and the tea being dumped in the water, are telling each other how they are wired up.