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  • A fish frames a cat by using a Super Soaker to make it look like the cat peed on the rug.
  • A cat hacks a computer to produce a furball.
  • A cat goes to therapy and says he's been feeling obedient lately.
  • A pair of dogs use the computer to find out which local cats have been declawed.
  • The choices for how to spend eternity in hell are painful situations.
  • A man assume's a cat's to-do list for trashing his house belongs to his wife.
  • Cats return a computer after buying it by accident because they thought it came with an oversized mouse.
  • A lion eats Juan Valdez just before bedtime and then can't get to sleep.
  • A cat sells another cat a mattress, saying it's a deal because she spends so much time sleeping.
  • Dozens of cats attack Mickey Mouse.
  • Nine grim reapers visit a cat at once to take its life.
  • A cat brings a dead bird to its owner, but it's Big Bird.