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  • A cat brings a dead bird to its owner, but it's Big Bird.
  • The Feline House of Horrors presents cats with their worst fears.
  • A cat eats meow mix, a pig eats oink mix, and so on, and then a mime eats ____ mix.
  • A cat cuts up newspapers to leave a note for its owner which says "Clean Litter Box or Kiss Carpet Goodbye."
  • All the passengers for Noah's Arc try to design it together.
  • The sandman's cat uses his sand supply as a litter box.
  • A cat hacks up a hairball after dinner to make room for dessert.
  • A group of people have committed small gaffes like not closing the matches before striking and reusing microwave popcorn bags.
  • Feline Self-Help books cover topics relevant to typical bad cat behaviors.
  • A dog chases a cat, who's chasing a mouse and feels annoyed he's stuck in middle management.
  • A cat wants more food because his owner's baby stole it.
  • What to Expect when You're Expecting came out in different versions for humans, cats, birds, and amoebas.