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  • Zombie scientist investigates experiment of zombie lab mouse running through maze for brain reward.
  • Bats in yoga class stand upright instead of hanging upside down in cave.
  • Three blind mice agree farmer’s wife is a psychopath for cutting off and displaying their tails in her living room.
  • Hamster impatiently waits for lazy one using smartphone to get off of the exercise wheel he’s sitting on.
  • Excited squirrels watch a Mission Impossible parody movie in a cinema.
  • Cat reads book on disemboweling small rodents while at the beach.
  • Researchers wonder where mouse in maze got a monster truck.
  • Cheese in maze asks another piece of cheese what happened to the previous tenant of their new home.
  • At marriage mental health office the Easter Bunny’s wife says he hides things.
  • Hamsters wonder how they got through mazes before GPS.
  • Bird wonders who is stealing his lunch.
  • Cat counts down the days until Christmas with gifts from mouse holes.