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  • Chicken crossed the road playing Pokémon Go.
  • Horse is attracted to Trojan Horse.
  • The Codfather scene shows seahorse head on bed.
  • Dog is thankful cat cause owner to trip and drop Thankgiving dinner on the floor.
  • Hunters will need a bigger gravy boat after shooting giant turkey.
  • Therapist reassures turkey that it is normal to feel cold in the middle.
  • Stove Bottom Stuffing parodies Stove Top Stuffing.
  • Stormtrooper complains that the other villains took all the dark meat.
  • Moviegoer advises doughboy not to go inside roasted turkey as stuffing.
  • Turkey's speech about slashing budget scares audience.
  • Ray's specialties are all smoked because his barbecue is always full of smoke.