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  • Cat is upset by fortune teller’s prediction that it’s living its best life.
  • Dog misses the point when rude cat barista misspells name stupid jerk wad.
  • Cat fills in feline Mad Libs story about great day scratching expensive items, biting owner, puking and napping.
  • Dog on laptop answers security questions about sniffing, puking and rolling in dead animal.
  • Cat on laptop answers security questions about scratching, puking and knocking things off table.
  • Lionesses hunters hate lion’s unfair new gnu math prey division.
  • Woman is annoyed by dog scooting across the carpet on a scooter.
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex evolves to bird photo on cellphone aging app.
  • Man watching stressful TV news is soothed by cat on lap who has pooped in his shoe.
  • Kitten shows classroom of cat students bag of cat hair shed over summer vacation.
  • Dog Spinning Instructor wears bunny suit to motivate class to pedal faster.
  • Dog on laptop reads list of scary cat true crime podcasts online.