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  • Three blind mice agree farmer’s wife is a psychopath for cutting off and displaying their tails in her living room.
  • Stressed out cartoonist’s cat is in psychologist’s office because of pressure to inspire ideas.
  • Hypnotized cats in flying saucers crash into the sun.
  • Vet says gesundheit to dog who’s Elizabethan collar has been sneezed inside out.
  • Cat reads five star review online for food liked for three whole days.
  • Bird suspects smartphone’s directions hacked leading to a sleeping cat’s mouth.
  • Kittens in training are yelled at by a cat drill sergeant to look cuter.
  • Hamster impatiently waits for lazy one using smartphone to get off of the exercise wheel he’s sitting on.
  • Man watching TV wonders who came up with tiny house trend but smug cat in box knows it was him.
  • Office workers relax in cubicle full of puppies for stress relief on Mondays.
  • Annoyed owner asks dozing cat how he got into a Twitter war with President Trump.
  • Excited squirrels watch a Mission Impossible parody movie in a cinema.