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  • Cat with sunglasses and drink relaxes in litter box lounge chair after owner cleans sandy bathroom beach.
  • Pet owner sleeps to peaceful white noise but wakes to orange kitty’s annoying morning meows.
  • Snowman tells mad snow man with dog touching bum with twig arm not on purpose.
  • Meditating cat hermit tells kitty mountain climber it’s not catching laser pointer dot, it’s about the journey.
  • Wife says man can’t let stubborn kitty official at office desk veto trips to the vet.
  • Suspicious cat says to check pet treats for medicine but clueless dog swallows it ignoring advice.
  • Man tells lady hidden behind cat on table she looks just like online Zoom meetings.
  • Empty mailbox disappoints man but Ninja Sloth surprises with Valentine’s Day card pile behind.
  • Dogs couple girlfriend wonders if boyfriend loves her or treats in her coat pockets.
  • Therapist asks dog in therapy with food dish if true he complains it’s never enough.
  • Kitty therapist asks cats couple shaking treats bag how got partner to follow to therapy.
  • No nose snowman says he smells terrible bad breath after dog steals carrot.