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  • High blood pressure patient prescribed pet cat medication box.
  • Bartender tells man at pub with cat and dogs pets’ vaccine shots not booze.
  • Stealthy slow ninja sloth suddenly builds Lego brick castle without being seen.
  • Remote worker can’t leave desk with napping cat boss asleep on lap.
  • Hungry cat wants M bird drawings M&M candies flying out window.
  • Dog watching TV sees gross pee, butt, trash, roadkill & crotch sniffing show choices.
  • Obese squirrel expert teaches Ted Talks lesson on best bird feeders.
  • Sleeping cat and dog influence telecommuting man on laptop to nap on couch.
  • Easter rabbit hiding eggs meets villain egg beater rival with mustache in showdown.
  • Dog opening “Who’s a good dog?” collector’s cards is excited to see it’s own picture.
  • Hansel & Gretel fairy tale witch gingerbread house shipment is delivered to three little pigs instead of bricks in postal mix up.
  • Grocery shopping dog buys canned pet food marketed with more disgusting horrible taste for dogs.