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  • Pet macaw bird excites frenzied dog mimicking owner saying go for a walk & time for din-din,
  • Cat gives annoyed cat obviously used shed fur silhouette blanket present.
  • Remote worker blocked from laptop computer keyboard by stubborn cat laying in the way.
  • Flea watches chihuahua dog tiny house home design television show.
  • Anxious cheetah at party waiting behind slow sloth in bathroom queue needs to pee urgently.
  • Rested owner feels weight lifted after slept under dog and cat on bed.
  • Cat asleep on lap dreams biting mice but chomps owner’s fingers painfully.
  • Chipmunk at dinner tells embarrassed chipmunk store food in face cheeks not rear end.
  • Annoyed buffalo drinking water at bar tired of driving drunk beer buffalos.
  • Cat harasses owner eating, trespasses kitchen counters, grooms exposed butt indecently & mugs adorable faces.
  • Dog tells dog spilling dinner on floor millions seconds rule means it’s still ok to eat.
  • Excited cat prefers crumpled paper gift wrap to diamond collar birthday present.