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  • A dog scratches a record like a DJ would.
  • Dog checks cellphone Global Positioning System directions to zoom in circles around yard.
  • Dog eats lawn as medicine then enjoys rolling in grass recreationally for fun.
  • Big dog baseball pitcher tells coach to try hitting little Chihuahua team batters’ small strikes zones himself.
  • Dog customers shop for miss you greeting cards for owners away on brief errands.
  • Dog waiting to sniff urine smells on tree is frustrated by spoilers as other dog tells dog breeds peeing there before.
  • Dog baseball coach tells pitcher that excited dog player at bat expects a walk.
  • Dog baseball team players all chase ball when pitcher throws it to batter.
  • Startled cat tells other cat it senses a disturbance in the force as owners come home with new puppy.
  • Dog leaving busy bar says its nose is exhausted from smelling other dogs’ butts.
  • Cartoon characters from Peanuts, Marmaduke, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Chip and Dale, Deadpool, Felix the Cat, R. Crumb and Lego get treatment from the Betty Rubble Center for Recovering Toons.
  • Flower on smartphone sees showers expected weather forecast as dog walks up behind.