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  • No nose snowman says he smells terrible bad breath after dog steals carrot.
  • Snowman in love says date makes him feel all warm but it was peeing dog.
  • Nervous dog dating vacuum cleaner says I’d be lying if I said relationship didn’t scare me.
  • Dining dog pays for dinner, says least can do after owner picking up poop.
  • Fallen snowman says yipe after peeing canine melts frozen snow before.
  • Dog breaks New Year’s resolutions to be careful where puts cold nose, shocks showering owner sniffing nude bum.
  • Dad says pet dog Christmas present box is comforter for child’s bed.
  • Santa assigns elf workers making dog toys for long good boys & girls nice list pet names.
  • Stressed pet owner watches elections results news with supportive cats & dogs on lap.
  • Bored dog on smartphone orders new ball when owner throws toy playing fetch.
  • Big eye dog says forgot how to turn off pet owner manipulating sad puppy eyes.