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  • Happy dogs post what they got for Christmas on laptop computer website but sad dog got a sweater.
  • Dog opening Christmas present tells guilty dog regifted dead rodent looks already rolled in.
  • Dog reads online article on laptop saying not to go grocery shopping hungry and realizes it can never go.
  • Dogs flying on airplane are envious of first class travelers’ belly rub perks.
  • Angry man tells dog eating his dinner on table it meant he could lick the plate after he was done.
  • Dog at tattoo parlor decides on “feed me” design tattoos choices.
  • Dog with smartphone under dinner table texts begging for treats as wife asks husband why his phone keeps going off.
  • Dog instantly destroys new chew toy before owner finishes her sentence.
  • Angry dog sees owner put table scrap food waste in compost bucket, it’s bitterest rival.
  • Dog tracks milage running to front door on smartphone fitness app.
  • Trick or treating puppy frightens dog in scary fireworks costume.
  • Dog audience watches scary nail clippers zombie movie.