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  • Dog fails a security question on a cats only website by answering that he’d like to go for a ride.
  • UFO invasion of Earth retreats after attack by dogs chasing frisbees.
  • Dog plans daily goal food on every day of calendar.
  • Woman diagnosed with stress is brought to lab, which is a labrador retriever therapy dog.
  • Dogs in theater cry when leashed dog is pulled away from trash.
  • Vet thinks cone collar was left on too long because it squished dog’s cone shaped head.
  • Dog needs break from basketball because trashtalk is making him hungry.
  • Dog’s crinkling smartphone ringtone attracts too much attention from other dogs who think it’s food.
  • Man filing taxes asks what unearned income is and dog thinks it’s cat getting treats without doing tricks.
  • Dog uses cellphone to text owner food requests.
  • Leprechaun takes his dog Rainbow for a walk but says there’s no pot of gold at the dog’s end.
  • Dogs are coming out of a movie theater playing a 3D fetch film.