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  • Dog tracks milage running to front door on smartphone fitness app.
  • Trick or treating puppy frightens dog in scary fireworks costume.
  • Dog audience watches scary nail clippers zombie movie.
  • Dog misses the point when rude cat barista misspells name stupid jerk wad.
  • Dog on laptop answers security questions about sniffing, puking and rolling in dead animal.
  • Woman is annoyed by dog scooting across the carpet on a scooter.
  • Dog Spinning Instructor wears bunny suit to motivate class to pedal faster.
  • Dog on laptop reads list of scary cat true crime podcasts online.
  • Woman cleaning dog poo on rug says puppy should be pronounced poopy with a long u.
  • Dog asks dog with smartphone if checked out Twitter feed but he doesn’t want to roll in that mess.
  • Dog speaker gives disgusting trash eating Ted Talk lecture to student dogs audience.
  • Cat fools startled dog with impression of car tires pulling into driveway sound.