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  • Leprechaun takes his dog Rainbow for a walk but says there’s no pot of gold at the dog’s end.
  • Dogs are coming out of a movie theater playing a 3D fetch film.
  • Dog band The Doorbells is about to perform to an excited crowd.
  • Cat and dog google how humans trick their pets.
  • Dog melts snow with urine.
  • Man’s dog loves his social media post.
  • Tall dog questions why short dog does not love snow.
  • A dog balloon cannot tell if there is food in his bowl because he eats air.
  • Dog is arrested after peeing on a fire hydrant art exhibition.
  • mobile phone vibrates in dog as owner tries to locate it.
  • An uncovered trash can is a dog's idea of the perfect gift..
  • Crumbs in beard leave evidence of who ate the pie.