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  • Is the dog a jerk? is an easy question at cats’ trivia night game for kitty contestants to answer.
  • Gross dog archaeologist has 5 Century Rule to eat medieval garbage artifacts dug in hole.
  • Lady allows adopted small puppy to sleep on bed but it grew bigger squishing crowded owner.
  • Fingerprint touch ID opens owner’s Iphone, Tush I.D. ass identification unlocks dogs’ phone.
  • Arguing dogs bark out window at night fighting with strangers in dog internet comments.
  • Snowman tells mad snow man with dog touching bum with twig arm not on purpose.
  • Suspicious cat says to check pet treats for medicine but clueless dog swallows it ignoring advice.
  • Dogs couple girlfriend wonders if boyfriend loves her or treats in her coat pockets.
  • Therapist asks dog in therapy with food dish if true he complains it’s never enough.
  • No nose snowman says he smells terrible bad breath after dog steals carrot.
  • Snowman in love says date makes him feel all warm but it was peeing dog.
  • Nervous dog dating vacuum cleaner says I’d be lying if I said relationship didn’t scare me.