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  • Oblivious friend gives pink unicorn present to turtles obsessed lady & says can never guess what she might like.
  • Rowdy reptile turtles crowded inside tortoise shell house party drink beer keg cups and flirt.
  • Frustrated Saint Patrick failed driving slow snails out of Ireland so forces faster snakes instead.
  • Excited Medusa and snakes hairs’ gifts stuffed stockings hang on fireplace Christmas morning.
  • Therapist asks upset alligator in counseling why saying “see you later” is threatening.
  • Greek myth Medusa curls constrictor snakes hairs coiled around mice prey curler.
  • Dinosaur kid trick-or-treating in spooky extinction asteroid costume scares T-Rex.
  • Turtle kid wears boring tortoise costume trick or treating at unimpressed turtle’s house.
  • Unbalanced Noah’s ark boat sinks heavier as afraid animals avoid snakes.
  • Ridge back spinosaurus shopper returns ripped bag to dinosaur customer service.
  • T-rex tells dinosaur putting meteor screen on skin it’s useless as extinction asteroid in sky.
  • Snake eating meal told snake with Pillsbury Poppin’ Fresh man’s shape belly not to fill up on bread.