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  • Star Trek crew Rizzo shoots alien with fun phaser but Captain Kirk said set to stun.
  • Medusa waits for veterinarian with pet snakes hairs in Elizabethan collars.
  • Snake eating egg at table tells other snake it was supposed to unhinge it’s jaw, not front door off hinges.
  • Woman covered in cat hair identifies furry suspect in police line up of pets without fur.
  • Turtle asks turtle with head and legs in wrong shell holes if it got up on the wrong side of the bed.
  • Medusa’s hair snakes pull away from another off her head in early social distancing.
  • Dieting snake with six tiny and one big bulge in stomach tells other snake it was good all week so today is my cheat day.
  • Annoyed snake with smartphone fitness tracker app sees zero steps yesterday and today.
  • Chameleon teacher isn’t sure if missing student is absent or best camouflaged color changing student in class.
  • Chameleons change color to fool witch brewing spell in cauldron into thinking jar is empty.
  • Medusa and her snake head hair change into werewolves after being bit by werewolf.
  • Crow flying over squished snake roadkill invites other crow on a long lunch.