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  • Cat on smartphone sees today’s playlist of yarn, milk cap, crinkled paper, bug & human toes.
  • Scared hikers run from mosquito eating bat who doesn’t feel appreciated.
  • Short life may fly on laptop posts learned everything I’ll ever know on Reddit TIL social media web site.
  • Eyelash mites on glasses see mist as virus PPE face mask fogs lenses.
  • Bug on basketball team says it thought gross insect with dung ball was a dunk beetle.
  • Spider complains hair in soup and lice has fly in theirs, bug swaps bowls pleasing everyone.
  • Valentine’s texts spelling cupid tooth cuspid, smartphone social media followers flowers, Roman tick romantic & ear hear emoji heart.
  • Flea watches chihuahua dog tiny house home design television show.
  • Tired woman drinks coffee by stormy window, view changes to positive unicorn & rainbow, woman sad but coping.
  • Male middle aged preying mantis insect at bar prefers virginity & sexual abstinence to head loss sex.
  • Snake hair Medusa on computer sees worm diagnosis on doctor’s website.
  • Man with swarm gun shoots attacking bees’ stingers at actor John Malkovich.