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  • Bee covered by junk complains to a ladybug at the bar about working with honey.
  • Man uses a fake spider nest detector to clear a spot on a crowded beach.
  • Ladybug at an insect party doesn’t get that humans don’t like them.
  • Ant asks if he needs to act like Rocky Balboa every time he gets to the top of the anthill.
  • Butterfly is embarrassed by larvae baby photos mom posts online.
  • Insect’s butt rash mistaken by lovesick firefly at bar.
  • Locusts surf over a swarming crowd.
  • Grub uses GPS directions on his smartphone to find roots underground.
  • Praying Mantis attempts to attract a mate with a fake chocolate head.
  • Cat trashes room while attempting to catch a fly.
  • Dung beetle is tired of homemade Christmas gifts.
  • Angel's halos keep mosquitoes away.