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  • Mayfly’s birthday card says “Life begins at 40 minutes.”
  • Woman looks at snow globes filled with plagues of frogs, hail, lice, and locusts sent by God to Pharaoh’s Egypt on Jewish holiday of Passover.
  • Sad moth on laptop looks at photos of burning fires on social media at night.
  • Mayfly sitting awake frustrated by hour of life wasted by daylight savings.
  • Spider realizes he didn’t bring bee to BYOBee party.
  • Flea carolers sing Christmas songs together in dog hair.
  • Ants steal food from an ant’s picnic.
  • Flies in classroom learn how to be annoying.
  • Lice married a moron who believes the head is flat.
  • Bee covered by junk complains to a ladybug at the bar about working with honey.
  • Man uses a fake spider nest detector to clear a spot on a crowded beach.
  • Ladybug at an insect party doesn’t get that humans don’t like them.