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  • Jellyfish cuts tentacles off trying to make them even.
  • Hermit crab emerges from Weight Watchers with small shell.
  • Lack of privacy for fish leads to no sex.
  • Angler fish uses a cell phone to attract a scuba diver.
  • Cat watches goldfish as if it is reality TV.
  • In a deadly accident, Hermann Rorschach's body becomes a Rorschach test.
  • In the afterlife, salmon jump from cloud to cloud to heaven.
  • Watching the news, balloon fish gets upset and puffs up.
  • Water skier loses a ski because a fish swallows it.
  • Ice cream flavors that mix sweet and savory flavors have gotten out of hand.
  • After being caught, fish takes a selfie.
  • Bird realizes that he and the whale on both on a watch list.