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  • Thankful biting piranhas underwater give thanks for fat guy’s big ass bounty.
  • Humor head shark wears Groucho nose glasses & fake arrow comedian costume.
  • Gross caviar dish warns party guest it’s high quality but has sat out for four hours.
  • Offended shark party guest annoyed by rude hammer head Halloween costume insult.
  • Hugging jellyfish trapped in twisted tentacles knot asks who suggested group hug.
  • Traveler uncomfortable with room’s soft-shell crabs pile bed pillows but comfortably relaxing.
  • Humpback whale & earthworm couple order land & seafood dinner menu dish to share together.
  • Snail at party asks hypnotic black and white spirals shell guest about hypnotizing career.
  • Underwater artistic shark predator paints human victim’s ass in inflatable ring at surface.
  • Jellyfishes warn not to mention curly tentacles jellyfish’s awful permed hairstyle.
  • French language test audiences misunderstand Fin end titled Jaws shark movie & leave theater.
  • Sharks eat fancy fishes & human foot & hand meats charcuterie hors d’oeuvres serving dish.