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  • Terrified cats in movie theater watch scary Someone You Don’t Know film.
  • Owner says kitties with tablet used to play but now just watches cat videos.
  • Owners rub pet kitty tummy but vicious cat suddenly bites hand unexpectedly.
  • Sneaky cat calculates math equation distance & angle to avoid owner’s reach to pet.
  • Star Wars Luke Skywalker’s training by Yoda with cat in lap delayed by unwritten rules of the force.
  • Mouse asks anxious rodent watching smartphone cat video website if doomscrolling again.
  • Delivery driver carrying cats empty boxes orders thinks it’s easiest deliveries of the day.
  • Is the dog a jerk? is an easy question at cats’ trivia night game for kitty contestants to answer.
  • Annoyed waitress owner asks cat knocking salt shakers off table if it’s 8th time it asked for salt.
  • Finicky kitties scratch furniture, curtains, rugs, screens & clothes but ignore pets’ scratching posts.
  • Cat on couch watching T.V. says already saw spot on the wall but will watch it again.
  • Misbehaving kitty thinks man petting stomach will soon be bit unexpectedly.