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  • Mouse's GPS suggest an alternate route because cats are sleeping outside mouse hole.
  • Cat's parole board want to be sure if they let the cat out they he won't want to come right back in.
  • Cat needs to stop into carpeting store to throw up.
  • Family stages intervention for cat because they know he is hiding catnip toys all over the house.
  • Niture becomes furniture after cats lie on everything and leave fur behind.
  • Cat swipes right for good laps in lap-finding app.
  • Cat gets an Edible Arrangement gift delivery of a box of mice.
  • At funeral, cat must resist the urge to jump into the coffin.
  • Cat throws up on easy to clean tile as a present for owner's birthday.
  • Cat owner has a flood in living room from squirting overly misbehaving cat.
  • A movie full of fireworks is a horror movie of loud noises for cats and dogs.
  • Cat scratching couch is disappointed owner threw out the awesome Christmas tree scratching post.