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  • Cat says only been a little tired lately so other cat with smartphone calls 911 for an ambulance.
  • Salesperson at auto dealership isn’t sure about new employee, a terrified cat too scared of cars to sell to customer.
  • Cat teacher shows cat students nutrition pyramid refusing all food groups.
  • Cat salesperson shows cat customer in mattress store computer keyboard.
  • Woman catches cat taking bribe money to scratch sofas from furniture delivery man.
  • Lonely man sitting on couch with cat asks if it loves him and it jumps up leaving a valentine heart of shed hair on his shirt.
  • Cat cashier calls for price of mouse traps while embarrassed cat hides face.
  • Cat in restaurant says can always tell couple on first date as two cats scratch and hiss at each other.
  • Depressed cat feels like it’s missing out compared to cellphone’s social media status updates of cats napping.
  • Dog asks if it’s legal cat crossed out their names on food dishes and wrote her own.
  • Cat’s fitness tracker smart watch shows he slept 23 hours, just missing goal of 24.
  • People love funny cat behavior videos while cats are horrified by online videos of humans.