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  • Cat can’t decide which 9 lives year greeting card to buy.
  • Dog fails a security question on a cats only website by answering that he’d like to go for a ride.
  • Cat shaped bacteria attracts more women than other cells.
  • Cat texts owner demands to be fed and pet more.
  • Fish’s therapist asks what the source of his stress is as cat peers into fishbowl.
  • Cat wonders how to hurt a hand that is petting it.
  • Cats think the prices on a website are the amount of time it takes to destroy cat toys.
  • Crabby cat smashes coffee mugs to feel better.
  • Grocery shopping woman chooses between food cat wont eat and food cat will throw up.
  • Man thinks he outsmarted cat with dangling catnip toy but gets scratched.
  • Cat challenges owner’s spray bottle with a flame thrower.
  • Fish in aquarium don’t like that a cat is looking at a scuba gear e-commerce website.