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  • Wild bighorn sheep ram stops males’ head butting competition, says not into big butts.
  • Wolves buy fresh killed lambonade sheep drink at lemonade stand.
  • Sheep is shocked to find wolf in her closet trying on her clothes.

  • Mixed grill comes from farm animals with tooth jewelry.
  • A man with OCD can't sleep because he imagined too many sheep and how he has to count them all.
  • A man imagines a vampire sheep to get to sleep.
  • Sheep suggests having sex rather than counting sheep as a sleep aid.
  • Wolf is shocked to discover role play sheep and grandma costumes in boyfriend's closet.
  • Old Macdonald soundproofs his farm house to drown out animal noises.
  • Wolf in sheep's clothing writes best seller about experience.
  • When grill is turned to medium setting, it makes paranormal contact with the food being cooked.

You searched for: sheep