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  • Greek myth Medusa curls constrictor snakes hairs coiled around mice prey curler.
  • Disappointed mice in science experiment maze wait with kids trick-or-treat candy.
  • Takeout pizza delivered has kitty’s nasty dead rodent topping order.
  • Wolves buy fresh killed lambonade sheep drink at lemonade stand.
  • Cat watching television picks dog, pet food, catnip toys or owner shows to ignore
  • Cat in vets collar watches mousehole but naughty mice play hidden behind cone of shame.
  • Mouse grilling hamburgers tells barbecue guests if they want cheese in snap trap they’re on their own.
  • Noah tells God he forgot extinct wooly mammoths as animals leave ark after biblical flood.
  • Party guests think beer pong in room but grizzly bear waits to play table tennis.
  • Flying bird says not fair walking ostrich’s smartphone fitness tracker counts more steps.
  • Seahorse fathers with fat belly bulges carrying babies have dad bods.
  • Squinting giraffe on smartphone needs a tablet and can’t see tiny screen far away.