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  • Man adopting pet cat shocked animal shelter automatically upgraded tabby to leopard.
  • Disgusted bird throws up in mouth but baby chicks in nest are excited for supper.
  • Bird in bed warns mate it likes to get up early and chirp incessantly all morning.
  • Cat on laptop misses birds on Zoom meeting during winter migration south.
  • Anxious cheetah at party waiting behind slow sloth in bathroom queue needs to pee urgently.
  • Cat asleep on lap dreams biting mice but chomps owner’s fingers painfully.
  • Annoyed buffalo drinking water at bar tired of driving drunk beer buffalos.
  • Elephant in Covid virus facemask tells uncovered trunk elephant not wearing mask right.
  • Disney+ streaming video parody of extra cartoon Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck face and body pieces.
  • Mouse asks fortuneteller cat Christmas gift prediction & she answers a stalking.
  • Playful cats stealing toy parts from annoyed Santa’s elves are a work shop from home difficulty.
  • Shopper sees bags honestly labeled squirrel seed in store, not bird seed.